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Other sites and links

Links to other websites and places I have regularly contributed.

dtc new logo 2The Dogtag Chronicles is a veteran perspective and experience website. It funded it in 2012 to give veterans a voice. It has been successful in helping civilians better understand the veteran perspective and has given veterans the words to articulate their feelings and perspectives.




I was a stay-home-dad when my daughter was little. So naturally, I was a trusted source for my friend when he found out his wife was pregnant with their first child. As a writer, I decided to make a blog to give him tips and advice. And thus, Pete’s Parenting Pointers was born.

mode logo

In 2013, a connection on LinkedIn started a fashion and lifestyle magazine in Seattle. I had the connections and experience for writing fine arts reviews and she brought me on at the Arts Editor. Later, I started writing a column called The Guide to the Distinguished Gentleman. My reviews was most of their web content, and when the magazine switched hands, the new owner decided to go a different way and deleted all non-fashion related content. The following is all that remains of my contributions.

image: MODE magazine cover. Female model looking constipated.
Introduction to the Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide. This issue also held a review for a Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Introduction to the Guide to the Distinguished Gentleman.

Review of a night of special performances at Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Image: MODE magazine cover. Male model in leather jacket and pants with hands in pocket.
A review for Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker and the Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to the Holidays.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to the Holidays.

A review of the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s (PNB) exclusive Nutcracker. Note: Since the review was written, PNB has debuted a new Nutcracker and this version is only performed at limited engagements.

Mode jan 14
The anniversary issue. In it, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to Suiting Up.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to Suiting Up.

Image: MODE April issue cover. Female model holding an umbrella.
The April issue with the guide to greetings. The cover says that the Gentleman’s Guide is back, but in reality, they hadn’t made a February issue.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to Greetings.

Image: MODE magazine cover. Model in wedding dress smiling.
Everything you need to know about weddings. Including how a gentleman conducts himself at them.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Guide to Weddings.







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