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What Happened to You, What Happened to U.S.

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step; it also ends with one. So many people have been taking single steps on a journey, but they don’t know the distance traveled. You have to look back to see how far you have gone, and if you have gone too far.

When someone kills a protestor by running them over with a car, the response is not supposed to be “they shouldn’t have been in the road.” Personally, I don’t agree with protests that block freeways. I don’t think the message is effective and I doubt it makes them many friends. However, I don’t think they should be hurt or killed for it. What has happened to you to put such a low value on human life? Recently, a driver ran over some right wing protestors, do you blame them for being in the road too?

This man had plenty of options of where to go. He was not blocked off, but chose to drive through a protest march anyway. He shot the young man who tried to stop him from hurting others and got out of his car. This was not a justifiable or defensible action. If you do not denounce him, you are not on the right side.

I see the posts of veterans, patriots all of them, talking about how their “oath never expired” and yet they are actively violating that oath. Specifically, the part about upholding the constitution. Any efforts to affect or influence an election should be staunchly opposed. No matter who it is by. If you believe in this country and the values it represents, you should fight for the People to choose their leaders, not the leaders you most agree with.

It isn’t just that Trump isn’t a king, it is that no president is a king. Our fight for independence was literally against that kind of thing. When your side starts to look like tyranny, you are supposed to stop supporting it. You should help correct it if you can or fight it if you can’t.

The same people who say “Trump is your president, deal with it” are the same ones gearing up to fight if he loses. That isn’t the thought process of a rational mind. I know there were right wing extremists and white supremacists long before Trump ran for office, but I’m not talking about them. I am talking about the rational, reasonable people who have been on this journey of single steps for the past four years and don’t see how far they have come.

When you are on a journey and you catch up with white supremacists, and the Nazis are within sight, you should rethink the path you are on. Because it is too late to rethink your position when you are being fitted for a guard uniform at New Auschwitz. You are not on the right side, and will be on the wrong side of history. When the president starts talking about eugenics at a rally, you are supposed to stop and consider the path he is on, not cheer.

I worry for some of you. You have lost your way, and I don’t think it is intentional. I don’t know if it is pride or something else that won’t let you admit that you have gone astray. I don’t think you are stupid, or weak, which is why I am so confused. You should be standing up to your peers when they talk about violence against protestors. You should be correcting your president and remind him that he is not a king. I am not saying give up on your political beliefs, but stand up for what is right, not what is right for you.

Germany in the ’30s and 40’s was full of people who prospered, not because of their own hard work, but because the system worked for them. Do you think that when people were taken in the middle of the night that no one took over their homes and businesses? No one took that as a opportunity to improve their own life? If you, right now, are befitting from the misery of another, knowing how this has played out in history, and are not actively fighting it, you are on the wrong side.

If you see a Nazi flag at your protest/rally, either he is at the wrong event, or you are. Our grandfathers didn’t liberate Europe so they could come here. If you find yourself agreeing with their rhetoric, you have lost your way.

You should be against voter fraud AND ballot tampering. You should want the decision of who leads our country and communities in the hands of the People, and you should support and defend that choice. That is how our republic is supposed to work. You should be looking for the truth, not the words that supports your world view. Just because you don’t like the information, doesn’t make it fake news.

You are on a journey of 1,000 miles, and each step takes you further away from who you were and what you believed. You are heading in the same direction as Hitler, you haven’t caught up to him yet, but he is within sight. The truly scary thing, is that the height of Nazi Germany was not at mile 1,000 on the journey of evil. Please don’t let us catch up and surpass them. Uphold your oath, defend the constitution, and get back to the person you used to be.

To be clear, so there can be no doubt. I support free and fair elections. I am against any efforts to manipulate or influence the outcome of any election in any form. I condemn violence against protestors and BY protestors. This includes people infiltrating protests with the intent to cause damage, confusion, or chaos. I think it is up to protest leaders to ensure that their protest message is not subverted by another and to enforce a peaceful protest and to cooperate with police to detain anyone that subverts their attempts at peace. I reject any message of supremacy by any group and disagree with anyone that suggests their oppression will end with the oppression of another. I believe that equality will be achieved by lifting everyone to the same level, not bringing anyone down. I believe that elected officials are to serve the people, and if their policies hurt or oppress another group, I will not support them just because it benefits me. If I am in position of privilege, I will use that privilege to help those disadvantaged and not use it to my advantage. Any questions?


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