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I did my own Covid research

“Do your own research” they keep saying. So, I decided to do just that. Naturally, the research has to be more than just sitting around and talking to like minded people. Objective thinking doesn’t happen in an echo chamber. With so many people doing their own research, how hard can it be? Do the research, question sources, get the results. Easy money. Don’t worry, I don’t expect to change any minds. Most people have invested so heavily on one side that they will never admit to be wrong.

Do the actual research

Obviously, I am not an expert in infectious diseases or immunology. Unless your “research” ends in a peer reviewed paper in a credible, medical journal, your research is not your own. None of the people that have said they were doing their own research actually conducted research that ended in approved clinical trials so we are all, essentially, taking the results of others. If you are a layperson and have done your research, please show your methodology and records for review. Otherwise, you have to cite your sources for your “research.”

Question sources

Critical thinking is absolutely essential at this stage. For my personal research, I discounted any hypocritical sources, like anyone on Fox news that was recommending avoiding getting vaccinated when they were, in fact, vaccinated. I ignored any elected official that caught Covid themselves. Infectious disease specialists and institutions were considered, with greater weight put on independent and international sources. Any person or organization that could have political motives for their results or reporting would have their finding scrutinized or verified with another source.

In addition, any source used will be examined past the first post that comes up on a google search. No rando blogs, no websites that are really a mouthpiece for a religious or political organization. Only considering information that agrees with you and discounting any counter information is not good research. I am well aware that my guidelines for trusted sources would eliminate the information from a lot of self-researchers, but if your sources do not hold up to critical thinking, how can you trust your information?

In the end, I spent a few days going over different sources and different scenarios. I used both generic and specific searches so I would get different results. Even if a source agreed with my previously held worldview, I discounted it if it didn’t fit my credible source criteria. One source that aligned with my thoughts was discounted because it was not a scientific institution and was instead affiliated with an international religious organization.

My results

After my research, I rejected the claim that the flu was worse than the coronavirus. The number of deaths from Covid was over 10 times that of the pre-Covid flu reported numbers. In addition, in the 2020-2021 flu season, when people were still mostly social distancing, wearing masks, and there was no Covid vaccine, there were only 700 reported flu deaths. If the flu was indeed worse than Covid, those numbers would have been much higher.

New Zealand, with their swift response to the pandemic, virtually eliminated Covid from their shores. Many people claim it was easy for them because they are an island. So, I looked at the rates of other islands. Hawaii and Guam were not able to have the same success as New Zealand. I could not confirm that is because those are American territories and Americans are stupid. However, when people are traveling with fake vaccine cards, and those are the people that think not wearing a mask and social distancing is “freedom” there is no wonder those islands can’t get the virus under control.

I also looked at other island nations. Iceland is also not Covid free. They were doing well on getting the country vaccinated, but there was an uptick in cases. Not surprisingly, it occurred shortly after the government lived all domestic restrictions. It is as if masks and social distancing worked.

Notice no blue on the map?

I then looked at the claim that the vaccine is worse than the virus. The FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after Covid vaccines, even if it is unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. So, the number of deaths from the vaccine could be inflated. But even if we take it at face value, it still puts vaccine deaths at 0.002%. Two to five people per million suffered an allergic reaction. More than 14.7 million doses of the J&J vaccine were administrated and the CDC and FDA identified 47 confirmed cases of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome. More than 386 million Covid-19 vaccines have been administrated in the U.S. and the reported deaths were 7,899.

Comparing the over 675,000 Covid deaths, it is clear that the virus is worse than the vaccine. One insightful statistic was the breakdown by state of how much of the population had died from Covid. The Florida numbers were 1 out of ever 440 people have died from the virus. I learned of that number before watching a football game and I did the math. If Florida was represented by the crowd in attendance, 163 people would have died from Covid. Using that same chart, Florida deaths, where they are resisting mask and vaccination mandates, is three times the rate of states where Covid restrictions are in place.

As diligent as my research was, I was not able to confirm any of the popular conspiracy theories. I was, however, able to dismiss most with simple critical thinking and a basic understanding of science and the universe.

In conclusion, my research reveals that the threat of Covid is real, it is worse than the flu, the vaccine works, masks and social distancing works. I know a lot of people are hesitant or outright refusing to be vaccinated. I am sure they would like to be seen as strong, freedom loving patriots. But their reasons seem to boil down to “I don’t like being told what to do” which is more of an entitled child’s response than George Washington, who actually made his troops get vaccinated.


12 Replies to “I did my own Covid research”

    1. Unfortunately, as you are hiding behind anonymity, you do not meet the criteria of credible source. However, it can’t be said that I am not willing to admit to being wrong. My research into “Bazant masking study” revealed some interesting things. The study was conducted by chemical engineering and applied mathematics professors, not infectious disease specialists. Their study was based on models, not actual tests on transmissions of airborne particles. (This doesn’t mean their study is wrong, I think it is just incomplete.)

      Most interestingly, they (Martin Banzant and John Bush) walked back their statements saying, “We would like to clarify the scientific findings of our study, which have been mischaracterized by some on social media and in the news.”

      Bush, in an email exchange with media “emphatically denied that the study dismisses the importance of maintaining social distances and wearing masks, as some have “oddly and obtusely” inferred.”
      “Both inferences are wildly off base, dangerous and directly countered by our study,” he wrote.

      “Our study highlights the fact that efficient mask use provides an extremely effective means of limiting indoor transmission of COVID-19, in that masks mitigate both short-range transmission from respiratory flows and long-range airborne transmission,”

      If their study drove the final nail in the coffin of the “social distancing works” canard, they themselves pulled it back out. (By the way, good word canard. I like the use there.)

      Lastly, I said “social distancing” not just the six foot rule and used New Zealand as a model so your criticism falls short. For those reasons I am dismissing your comment. Have a nice day.


      1. “If their study drove the final nail in the coffin of the “social distancing works” canard, they themselves pulled it back out.”

        B & B pulled a trick. They adhered to the “masks + social distancing”, but didn’t retract their claim in the study that social distancing doesn’t work. B & B didn’t show that masks don’t work.

        Engineers and physicists are in field when considering the mask effectiveness question. Doctors, virologists, etc. not so much.

        Read the study, not the nonsense surrounding the study. Trust your ability to read.


      2. Every source produces bathwater and usually at least some baby. Relying on “credible source” sort of thinking is a mistake. Do your own due diligence to evaluate data and arguments.


  1. Hi from the UK

    The problem with Covid 19 and the ‘flu is that they are the same. The ‘flu is an internal toxicosis of the body caused by metabolism of food primarily producing urea which we must excrete.

    The toxicosis can be made worse by the external poisons in our environment of which there are sadly very many. Food, water and air are all contaminated to a greater or lesser extent.

    As the toxicosis is individual to each person, and a chemical not a biological one, it is not possible to pass it on as such unless you could somehow extract the poisons and force them into someone.

    Masks can not do anything against the virus; preventing droplets is one thing but as the amounts on any poisons in the droplets (again essentially urea) are very small this will have no effect.

    People do get easily scared however, and when they do they tend to stop doing sensible things and their immune system will start to seize up.

    The real issue and pandemic is low vitamin D levels which has been so for a while due to indoor living and working. We used to understand this as a population.

    Anti-social distancing cannot do anything to the so-called transmission as the virus as explained is not transmissible. Bacteria and fungus act differently, but vitamins and minerals generally are still key to a good immune system.

    Vaccines can do no good and never have. I used to think otherwise until I researched last year at 60 years of age. Having them is akin to playing Russian roulette. It is both sad and mad to do so.

    They have been made to look as if they do by advertising and long term corruption of the education system. They are supposed to stimulate the immune system to produce anti-bodies which no doubt they do, but any poison will do this as your body seeks to eliminate them.

    Unless of course your immune system is severely compromised in which case you may die as some have.

    It is all very simple and straightforward. I have explained further on my website. I do use humour to lighten the mood and to make the points. Here is a link to vaccines if you are interested.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


    1. As you hide behind anonymity, I do not consider you a credible source. Additionally, many of your claims have already proven to be incorrect. Thanks for reading, have a nice day.


  2. Dear Peter

    Have you bothered to check my website? You seem to have failed to read my CV where I explain. I have a nom-de-plume so the intelligent can work it out if they wish. They can have a look at the sources I quote.

    If you are not capable of lateral thinking, then that is your fault. On the other hand perhaps you might like to have another go.

    Perhaps you are lazy as you give me no reasonable answers to my points. Perhaps your work in narcotics has addled your brains.

    Your comments to thecovidpilot and I re hiding behind anonymity, and not considering us a credible source, are as stupid as they come. Don’t you have anything better to say? Do get your brain in gear and check my site.

    Otherwise you will remain ignorant. Your comment ‘….those are American territories and Americans are stupid.’ is bizarre. I assume you are American so your comment makes sense in your case. However, your generalisation is again ridiculous. Are you on drugs by any chance?

    Your comment ‘George Washington, who actually made his troops get vaccinated.’ Is at best misleading as it was inoculation, not vaccination which is different, although ultimately pointless as well. So you are not a credible source on this post and your critical thinking is faulty.

    You have been childish in your approach and you really should know better. I would like to wish you a nice day but you won’t have one if you continue to act the way you do and that will not be my fault, but your own.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have stated my criteria for credible sources. A standard you refuse to meet. That is fine, it doesn’t make you a bad person, just one that I won’t consider. You could have signed your name, or emailed me privately, but you didn’t. And since you have resorted to personal attacks and insults, I will not engage in this with you any longer. Maybe you should ask your self why you care what an idiot (your perception) half a world away thinks?

      I still hope you have a good day and a good weekend. Just because you disagree with me doesn’t make you a person worthy of ire. I am allowing for the possibility that there is a reason you were rude that had nothing to do with me and that you are actually a good and well mannered person. Take care.


  3. A person says they researched, but did they? The thing is, those of us who truly observe, listen, watch, research, and use our heads in common sense, know when someone says they researched, but really didn’t. We can see such people coming a mile away. For we truly think for ourselves.


    1. Well put. You can make a solid conclusion based on the information you have, but if the information you have is faulty, you will not reach a correct conclusion. I think often people only accept information that agrees with their worldview and only question other information when really, in my opinion, we should be questioning all and looking for truth.

      And, as I wished for everyone else, I hope you have a good day.


      1. Yeah. Always wish the best for you and others. But regarding faulty information, one can be more certain if we know how to think and reason. It’s taken me time. I was very naive while growing up, unable to reason through intellectual mumbo-jumbo and charts, but I was fortunate to have had a “flag” that waved when disinformation came about. I didn’t know anything, but I knew something was amiss, like when people were trying to save the planet from plastic bottles and trash. I knew something was amiss. Or when an elementary science teacher told us gravity was like a pail of water swung by an arm. I really looked at her. Something wasn’t right. With time, I was better at listening. Through different jobs, learning to think for myself, through reading, even the university, we learned to “sift” through propaganda and rhetoric. I think it has to do with patience and whether one is honestly seeking. A person’s motivation, hidden or honest, will direct their statements.


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